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New paper suggests life chances of young carers are likely to be affected by their support of family

11 August 2017

A recent paper by Diana Warren and CSRM's Ben Edwards finds that 14 year olds finds a very large educational impact on NAPLAN scores...
New research finds disadvantaged children are more likely to have physical marker of cardiovascular disease

11 August 2017

CSRM's Ben Edwards has co-authoured a paper with colleagues from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute that found that...
What income inequality looks like across Australia

06 July 2017

With affordable houses increasingly out of reach, wage growth slow and household debt high, Australians are certainly feeling poor. But how...
Census 2016 reveals Australia is becoming much more diverse – but can we trust the data?

27 June 2017

Census 2016 reveals Australia is becoming much more diverse - but can we trust the data? The ABS estimates that as of December 2016, the...
ANU-ABS 2016 Census Data Symposium – Canberra

20 June 2017

In conjunction with the ABS, the ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods will be holding a Census Data Symposium on the 26 July 2017....
Analysis of net taxpayers in Australia 1988-2013

07 June 2017

CSRM's Ben Phillips and Cukkoo Joseph have released a research note of net Australian taxpayers from 1988-2013.  The research note...
CSRM releases Annual Report for 2015 - 2016

07 June 2017

The CSRM has released its Annual Report for 2015 - 2016. The report details the Centre's background as well as its achievements over...
ANUpoll; Innovation, Science, and Business

19 April 2017

The latest ANUpoll has found a large majority of Australians support science and want politicians to rely more on the advice of scientists...
What's the cost? Cost-Benefit tool developed to measure crime intervention

13 April 2017

Joint collaboration between the ANU's CSRM and the University College of London (UCL) has led to the development of a Cost-Benefit Tool...
First results from the 2016 Census paint a picture of who the ‘typical’ Australian is

11 April 2017

CSRM's Associate Professor Nicholas Biddle has written a piece for the Conversation today on the first results from the 2016...

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