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The Australian National University

Academic publications

ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods staff publish in international and Australian academic journals. Below is a selection of recent peer-reviewed publications.

Badcock P, K Patrick, AM Smith, JM Simpson, D Pennay, CE Rissel, RO de Visser, AE Grulich, J Richters (2016), Differences between landline and mobile phone users in sexual behavior research, Archives of Sexual Behavior, forthcoming.

Priest N, King, T, Bécares, L, and Kavanagh, AM (2016), Bullying victimization and racial discrimination among Australian children, American Journal of Public Health, forthcoming.

Baffour, B, M Haynes, S Dinsdale, M Western and D Pennay, D (2016), Profiling the mobile-only population in Australia: insights from the Australian National Health Survey, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, forthcoming.

Walton J, N Priest, E Kowal, F White, B Fox and Y Paradies (2016), Whiteness and national identity: teacher discourses in Australian primary schools, Race, Ethnicity and Education, forthcoming.

Jresiat A, H Hassan and S Shankar, Determinants of the productivity change for the banking sector in Egypt, Global Business Review, forthcoming.

Taylor D, M Gray and D Stanton (2016), New conditionality in Australian social security policy, Australian Journal of Social Issues, 15(1), 3-25.

Bakar KS, P Kokic and H Jin (2016), Hierarchical spatially varying coefficient and temporal dynamic process models using spTDyn, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 86(4).

Bakar KS and SJ Sahu (2015), spTimer: Spatio-temporal Bayesian modeling using R, Journal of Statistical Software, 63(15).

Wiliams D, N Priest and N Anderson (2015), Understanding associations between race, socioeconomic status and health: Patterns and prospects, Health Psychology, 35(4): 407-411.

Williams D and N Priest (2015), Racismo e Saúde: um corpus crescente de evidência internacional, Sociologias, 17(40), 124-174.

Dunn K, Y Paradies, R Atie, N Priest (2015), The morbid effects associated with racism experienced by immigrants: Findings from Australia. In Renzaho AMN (ed), Globalisation, Migration and Health: Challenges and Opportunities, Imperial College Press, London; 2016, 509-531.

Slopen N, Y Chen, N Priest, M Albert, D Williams (2015), Emotional and instrumental support during childhood and biological dysregulation in mid-life, Preventative Medicine, forthcoming.

Mallik G, and S Shankar (2015), Does prior knowledge of economics and higher level mathematics improve student learning in Principles of Economics?, Economic Analysis and Policy, forthcoming.

Gangopadhyay P and S Shankar (2015), Labour (im)mobility and wage discrimination in the urban informal sector: lessons from a field study, Urban Studies, forthcoming.

Carmignani F, S Shankar, E Tan and K Tang (2014), Identifying covariates of population health using extreme bound analysis, European Journal of Health Economics, 15(5): 515-531.

Gangopadhyay P, S Shankar and M Rahman, 2014, Working poverty, social exclusion and destitution: an empirical study, Economic Modelling, 37: 241-250.

Kifle T, P Kler and S Shankar, 2014, The power of the pram: do young children determine female job satisfaction?, Applied Economics Letters, 21(4): 289-292.

Kifle T, P Kler P and Shankar, 2014, Are women really that happy at work? : Australian evidence on the ‘contented female’, Applied Economics, 46(7): 686-697.

Hodge A and S Shankar, 2014, Partial effects in ordered response models with factor variables, Econometric Reviews, 33(8): 854-868.

Sheppard J (2015). Compulsory voting and political knowledge: Testing a ‘compelled engagement’ hypothesis, Electoral Studies, 40: 300–307.

Becares L and Priest N (2015). Understanding the influence of race/ethnicity, gender, and class on inequalities in academic and non-academic outcomes among eighth-grade students: findings from an intersectionality approach. PLOS One, 10(10). DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0141363

Edwards B, M Gray and B Hunter (2014). The impact of drought on mental health in rural and regional Australia, Social Indicators Research, 121(1): 177-194

de Vaus D, M Gray, L Qu and D Stanton (2014). The economic consequences of divorce in Australia, International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family, 28 (1): 26-47.

Gray M, M Howlett and B Hunter (2014). Labour market outcomes for Indigenous Australians, The Economic and Labour Relations Review, 25(3): 497-517.

Hunter B, M Howlett and M Gray (2015). The economic impact of the mining boom on Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies, 2(3): 517–530.

Dowling N, G Youssef, A Jackson, D Pennay, K Francis, A Pennay and D Lubman (2015). National estimates of Australian gambling prevalence: findings from a dual-frame omnibus survey, Addiction, 39(8): 1485–1492.

Pennay, A, A Cheetham, N Droste, P Miller, B Lloyd, D Pennay, N Dowling, A Jackson and D Lubman (2015). An examination of the prevalence, consumer profiles, and patterns of energy drink use, with and without alcohol, in Australia, Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, forthcoming.

Biddle N (2015). Indigenous income, wellbeing and behaviour: some policy complications, Economic Papers: A journal of applied economics and policy, 34(3): 139–149.

Sikora J and N Biddle, How gendered is ambition? Educational and occupational plans of Indigenous youth in Australia, International Journal of Educational Development, 42: 1-13.

Biddle N, S-E Khoo and J Taylor (2015). Indigenous Australia, white Australia, multicultural Australia: the demography of race and ethnicity in Australia, The International Handbook of the Demography of Race and Ethnicity, Springer Netherlands. 599-622.

Prout S and N Biddle (2015). The social geographies of Indigenous population and housing in Australia's regional urban centres, Australian Geographer, 46(1).

Vidyattama Y, R Tanton, N Biddle (2015). Estimating small-area Indigenous cultural participation from synthetic survey data, Environment and Planning A, 47(5): 1211-1228

Paradies Y, Ben J, Denson N, Elias A, Priest N, Pieterse A, et al. (2015). Racism as a determinant of health: a systematic review and meta-analysis, PLoS ONE, 10(9): e0138511. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.013851.

Bastos JL, RK Celeste, DAS Silva, N Priest, Y Paradies (2015). Assessing mediators between discrimination, health behaviours and physical health outcomes: a representative cross-sectional study, Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, forthcoming.

Priest N, A Esmail, R Kline, M Rao, Y Coghill, DR Williams (2015). Promoting equality for ethnic minority NHS staff—what works?, BMJ, 351:h3297.

Walton J, Y Paradies, N Priest, EH Wertheim, E Freeman (2015). Fostering intercultural understanding through secondary school experiences of cultural immersion, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 28(2).

Schorch P, J Walton, N Priest & Y Paradies (2015). Encountering the ‘Other’: interpreting student experiences of a multi-sensory museum exhibition, Journal of Intercultural Studies, 36(2).

Hodge A and S Shankar (2015). Single-variable threshold effects in ordered response models with an application to estimating the income-happiness gradient, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, forthcoming (accepted 18/11/2014).

Shankar S, 2015, Efficiency Analysis Under Uncertainty: A Simulation Study, Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 59(2), 171-188.

Kifle T, Kler P and S Shankar, 2015, Immigrant Job Satisfaction: The Australian Experience, International Journal of Manpower, forthcoming.

Kler P, G Leeves and S Shankar, 2015, Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself: Perceptions of Job Security in Australia after the Global Financial Crisis, Social Indicators Research, 123,753–769.

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