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Distributional Modelling of the Australian Tax and Social Security System Changes: 2005-2015 and beyond

Phillips, B & Gray, M (2017)

This paper presents the cumulative results from modelling of the distributional impact of changes to the personal income tax and social security system in Australia over the period 2005-06 to 2015-16 and planned changes to 2020-21. For much of the first period, successive governments implemented...

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Differences between landline and mobile phone users in sexual behavior research

Badcock P, Patrick, K, Smith, AM et al. (2016)

This study investigated differences between the demographic characteristics, participation rates (i.e., agreeing to respond to questions about sexual behavior), and sexual behaviors of landline and mobile phone samples in Australia. A nationally representative sample of Australians aged 18 years...

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Profiling the mobile-only population in Australia: insights from the Australian National Health Survey

Baffour, B, Haynes, M, Dinsdale, S, et al. (2016)

BACKGROUND: The Australian population that relies on mobile phones exclusively has increased from 5% in 2005 to 29% in 2014. Failing to include this mobile-only population leads to a potential bias in estimates from landline-based telephone surveys. This paper considers the impacts on selected...

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Hierarchical spatially varying coefficient and temporal dynamic process models using spTDyn

Bakar KS, Kokic, P & Jin, H (2016)

Bayesian hierarchical spatio-temporal models are becoming increasingly important due to the increasing availability of space-time data in various domains. In this paper we develop a user friendly R package, spTDyn, for spatio-temporal modelling. It can be used to fit models with spatially varying...

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The morbid effects associated with racism experienced by immigrants: Findings from Australia

Dunn K, Paradies, Y, Atie, R, Priest, N (2016)

Racism can be defined as the avoidable and unfair inequalities in power, resources, capacities and opportunities across racial or ethnic groups, occurring through stereotypes, prejudices, violence or discrimination that range from racial slurs to deeply embedded inequities in social systems and...

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Determinants of the productivity change for the banking sector in Egypt

Jresiat A,Hassan, H & Shankar, S (2016)


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Immigrant Job Satisfaction: The Australian Experience

Kifle T, Kler, P, & Shankar, S (2016)

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to study the level of job satisfaction among Australian immigrants relative to the native-born over time as a measure of their labour market assimilation. Design/methodology/approach: Using the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia panel data set,...

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Bullying Victimization and Racial Discrimination Among Australian Children

Priest N, King, T, Bécares, L, & Kavanagh, AM (2016)

Objectives. To compare the prevalence of bullying victimization and racial discrimination by ethnicity. Methods. We completed a cross-sectional analysis of 3956 children aged 12 to 13 years from wave 5 (2011–2012) of the nationally representative Longitudinal Study of Australian Children....

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New conditionality in Australian social security policy

Taylor D, Gray, M & Stanton, D (2016)

The past two decades have witnessed the application of new forms of conditionality to Australian social security policy. This paper argues that a distinctive feature has been the attempt to link receipt of government benefits to parental behaviour in order to address concerns about the welfare of...

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